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From North East claims — 11/10/2009

The Claim Product Teams are the problem. Most never handled a claim in their life or managed employees. A good amount of the product team are coming from the Corporate Development Program. They have advanced degrees; but where is their practical work experience? "Change," "Lean," I can live with that. But come on, those leading the "change" and "Lean" have no claims experience. I still enjoy working for this company after 16+ years, but must say that tenure and experience mean nothing. However, if you have an advanced degree and never worked a claim in your life, there is plenty of room for advancement. Also, the Boston Claims staff is far from Lean. They keep creating positions that don't make sense. Manager of "this" and Director of "that." How about creating more front line positions that actually handle the claim and service our customer's? Our customer's need us most and pay a good premium for service. Those sitting in Boston do nothing for the customer.
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