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From Indianapolis — 06/09/2009

I have been with the company for alittle over a year. I was able to move from one claims position to the next within 8 months. the training was horrible coming in the door but the pay is very well considering what other companies pay in the area. My new position required me to move another bldg. i worked in that bldg under safeco before i left to go to liberty, liberty bought safeco so my position is currently out of the safeco office. my experience with liberty managers was great. my boss on that end was very helpful and has so much knowledge. she was pleasant and understanding. going to the safeco bldg was a mistake. i like my job but i hatr the management style. they are like military soldiers with no personality. they allow 2 people off per dept! 2 people out of 60. that is just nuts. they make it there priority not to be like liberty. they hold on to their evil ways. its like a military camp in there and i know that they cant stand it when someone speaks their minds.....ugh!!! soon we will all be in one bldg and i just hope that things change for the better..... the work load no matter what is just way to much. i average 8 claims a day and they (safeco) has this stupud 24 hour contact rule when the ppl on liberty's side dont have that requirement. i was very happy with liberty and still am i just hate the atmosphere in the safeco bldg.
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