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From Portsmouth, NH — 04/29/2009

I have had a decent career at Liberty. 4+ years as a contractor and almost 6 as an employee. I was notified of a layoff from the Commercial Markets IT business unit last November, but was able to secure another position withing their Hosting Services IT Unit. Unfortunately, I was informed today that my job was eliminated . . . Again! Not great news, but I account it to the cycles of business. My one issue is that while they stated that the decision who's job to "eliminate" was not performance related they didn't reveal their secret formula of selection. Sadly, I truly believe them...many of those eliminated were very high performers and some of those did not have high salaries or seniority. Makes you feel like they just roll the dice and see who's number comes up. Not real comforting. The skelaton crews left behind have a hard time filling the gaps as well, so no-one really wins with that type of 'informed' decision making.
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