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Job Security5
Work/Life Balance5
Career Growth4
Work Environment5

From Tampa, FL — 03/06/2009

I have worked at LM for years and hope to stay there. I have been able to move around the country working in several offices and departments and have always had the respect and friendship of coworkers and managers. From the call centers to the sales to claims, each department and office is great to be at. I have never been to an office where I was stuck in a grey cubicle and couldn't look out the window. Benefits are great too. I have never had an issue with health insurance and enjoy the profit sharing every year too. We also get all kinds of perks like gym discounts, EAP and many more. Because I have a career in insurance, and I am willing to relocate, I have plenty of job security. Many people I have met along the way have been there over 20 years. Though my former boss got promoted four times in only four years, and I have been promoted each year also. Work life balance is okay. I volunteer for a lot of overtime when its available because it really bumps up my pay, and it helps my teammates to have more times with their families. Locations are the best. I've had to move to different states for my husband's work and was always able to get a transfer or promotion to a new position with ease. Probably the best is my coworkers. We have the freedom to talk and laugh and get to know our teams, and have healthy competition with other teams. Everywhere I've worked its like a family that has welcomed me with open arms. Its the people who really make a difference. If you don't get to know them then maybe that's why other people have negative reviews. The work environment is a little stressful. You have to know what you are talking about and how to do your job well. But is that any different from anywhere else? At least here all the customers I deal with (especially after working Katrina) are respectful and friendly and appreciative. No company is perfect, and there are always little things, like busy days or office closings, but I have worked from some pretty bad insurance companies. LM is one of the good ones.
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