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4.5Rating Details
Job Security5
Work/Life Balance5
Career Growth5
Work Environment5

From Marlton, nj — 12/09/2008

Pay: I think the pay at LM is great because I have never worked for a company that starts at what Im at.

Respect: If you show respect and take part in things that are going and not treat people any different then yourselfs. If they only worked has much as they talked just maybe people would treat them with Respect.

Job Security: If you take them time and learn and show interest and learn just maybe you could move up the ladder.

Benefits: Are ok. I love them.

Work/Life Balance: Ya the moral is not at its best but you now what everyone loved the bowling, Penny wars ) was for toys for tots, Stocking contest is a great idea. and you are knocking something your fellow employees work so hard to put together. I just cant stand hearing people put it down any more. you dont want to take part then dont, but please dont knock it if you are not doing.

Career Potential/Growth: Ya it maybe true if you dont have a degree you dont move up, but i now if you try to move up it just may happen.

Location: its okay, but cant really complain its a job.

Co-worker Competence: If you show how hard you work and stop the fighting between to support units just maybe the work will getting done faster and so on. I dont understand all the fighting.

Work Environment: I think the work enviroment is going okay and ya it will be hard in the next coming weeks but its something that we will have to just deal with.

So lets stop the fighting and start getting along we are one team!
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