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From NJ — 02/28/2008

Liberty Mutual is a very good company to work for. Let me explain why... If you are hard working and motivated then you will go far and be rewarded with the company. If you do the minimum amount of work possible and just try to get through the day and hope that noone figures out that all day you have accomplished nothing... then chances are you will get laid off, sorry to say but it is the truth. For a long time the company let employees like this get away with that for years and years without and punishment, I mean you could cost the company a fortune ( I have seen this already) and you would still have a job, thank god that they have thrown that policy out. This company holds people accountable, There was a time when I would look at someone and say whatever you are getting paid it is WAY too much. Thankfully they laid most of them off now, sad to say though the office morale has suffered now and alot of people have quit or obtained employment elsewhere, I feel the office in general will recover and it will be back even stronger. There are alot of people who are left salty over the fact they were laid off but please do not let a few incompetent employees keep you from working for an amazing company with good pay (in comparision to other companies) and decent benefits, and a great opportunity for growth.
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