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From Minneapolis, MN — 04/09/2010

I'm not sure what company the previous reviews are discussing but it's certainly not my LB. I worked at Lane Bryant for a summer and returned during the holiday season. I would have given anything to stay there but I was in college at the time. I had so much fun working there every single day. I couldn't wait to get to work and sell clothes. Yes, there are sales goals for the store (like EVERY retail store EVER) and yes, they expect you to push the credit card but, again, it's a retail job. If you can't talk people through the many benefits of having the card (I would know, I have one), you shouldn't be working in retail.

While I didn't take advantage, I know that LB offers their part-timers benefits which is something I certainly did not expect. I was also able to buy a pair of $50 jeans for $10 while working there! The discount ROCKED even if the pay was barely over minimum wage (again, retail...)

Go get a cushy office job. Retail isn't for everyone. You have to be a rockstar to really excel in retail. If you try, give it your all every shift, your managers WILL respect you and you WILL get hours, regardless of how much you are actually able to sell.
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