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From Painesville, Ohio — 09/03/2008

I have worked @ this hospital for 13 years and the pt workload has become unbearable. The pt to nurse ratio's has become uncontrolable. We have talked with our bosses and upper management about our concern for pt safety but they do nothing to work with us to remedy this problem. We are told to flex up and just do the work. Ratios's have gotton to be in the ICU/CCu 3:1, and in stepdown units 6:1. We want safer ratio's for our pts so they can get the care they deserve and pay for. Also, we are tired of feeling that our license is on the line. We need people that know what our job entails and have worked in these areas. We want our voices heard and not be told to "go somewhere else to work or well if you don't like it why do you stay?" The management thinks we have attitude, well we should because there responses such as this are totally inappropriate and unacceptible, we are professionals and this problem needs to be handled by a professional.
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