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From Willoughby, Ohio — 08/31/2008

Amen! Finally someone with a valid opinion! I second everything you wrote and some. As far as pay is concerned, it really isn't that bad. We don't have to spend as much on gas to travel downtown and parking is free. Of course, if you play by the rules you get your annual raises and they do make periodic reviews of the fair market adjustment. The 5 step program does stink once you top out but I suppose there has to be a cap somewhere.
Respect seems to be a mutual thing. You have to give it to receive it. If you can't respect the rules and the supervisers why should they respect you? It's got to get a little annoying have to play secret agent to bust people eating in the department!
There's no way to cushion it, the benefits stink! The cost continues to go up and the coverage continues to go down. It would be wonderful if Lake could extend service to its employees like Metro (free healthcare within our own system).
One major complaint I do have is that prn nurses seem to be valued more than core staff. For example, holidays, prn nurses get double time to come to work where as staff nurses get straight time unless you opt to take PTO for extra hours. And the clinical ladder, what a headache! If you want to get a bonus, which you used to get just for being a good nurse, you have to jump through a million hoops and darn near write a thesis which saves the hospital money because people don't have the time or the energy.
Let's discuss job security. I feel very bad for the management positions that were recently cut, if that was me, I would have been devistated. As far as staff nurses go, I think you are pretty safe. Yes, people have been fired. And I'm not exactly surprised. There is not a single ED individual that I can think of who was fired "for nothing." It's about time someone did something about those individual who everyone seemed to complain about, until they got fired. Now it's "so surprising" that people with poor work ethic, bad attitudes and noncompliance issues were let go. It's not like any one of them got blindsided, they all had been warned and chose not to change. I believe it's management 101 not to make idol threats.
Through all the misery that has been portrayed throughout these postings, I find myself enjoying my job. Shocking, I know! No matter how bad the day is, if you have the right staff, you're gonna be okay. I tend to believe the individuals who are so disgusted with Lake are those same individuals who people don't care to work with.
The ops coordinator for west is diligent. She is a hard worker with alot on her plate. I invite anyone in that department to step into her shoes and keep a smile on their face. I agree she could stand to offload a few tasks onto willing staff and occasionally gets pre-occupied with off beat tasks but she tries. Just because you don't get your way, your friend gets fired for unprofessional behavior, or you don't agree with the management decisions, does not make her incompetent or a psycho.
The only co-worker incompetence I see doesn't come from the new grads, it comes from the staff who feel they have the authority or the right to treat other people inferiorly. I don't care if you've been there for 5 days or 50 years you should come to work with a smile on your face and a healing heart and if you don't have that to share then it is you who doesn't belong.
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