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From Willoughby, OH — 08/30/2008

Every system has its faults. That is life--not perfect. I have to ask you if you have even addressed the so called psychotic ops coordinator and the upper management. Life is about choices..make one. I work in the emergency department at Lake West and don't find the ops coordinator to be a psycho..or unwilling to listen to me. I come to work and do my job stay out of the rumors and gossip. Give excellent patient care and go home. If you got in this job for recognition then nursing may not be the job for you. It's endless hours of unhappy miserable patients who do no see what you do for them. In reading all of your reviews you all sound very burnt out. You need to quit your job. However, my advice to you is that by leaving anonymous complaints on a website show that you are the type of person who talks a good talk but cannot walk the walk. Tell me this, did your complaints get you anywhere? Is your paycheck bigger? Your patient demand lower? All of you whiney nurses work in an environment where the patients, for the most part, are educated and insured. Your environment is very clean. May I suggest you go downtown and work where your patient load can be 7-10 patients. Clients are constantly verbally and physically abusive. You park your car where you need to look before getting out. And that is just the beginning. Be thankful for what you have. Life is what you make it,,,and if you are that miserable then leave. Last but not least, why didn't you get the ops coordinator position.
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