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From Van Nuys, California — 09/23/2009

At first, I was excited to start working, then I started getting all of the scoop on what to do and what you can not do. After two weeks, I was ready to RUN out of here. The only reason I have stayed so long is because the economy is terrible right now. I would have to say that there are more don'ts than do's. It is equivalent to walking on egg shells. It is a small office, so they micromanage the "S" out of everyone and they are always looking for things to complain about like how long you are away from your desk to use the bathroom. They eaves drop in on everything while on the phone or in a private conversation with someone and are nosey into everybody's business. I have come close to running out of here on many occasions due to the cruelness of the people work here. Never work here, NEVER! I have been here the longest in my position and I know exactly why...the office is cumbersome and cruel
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