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From Mishawaka, IN — 04/24/2009

I have dealt with this company in the past and know employees there. Although I am not directly employed in this industry I do know that if the same business principles and standards were applied to other companies the business world would be a better place.
Although Laidig has been faced with job cuts and salary decreases they have been shared across the board and done with very heavy hearts. They were also done in the face of the current economy from which no one is exempt! The expansion was underway before the recession and the recognition given to Laidig for the advancements that began before the economic downturn still deserve to be celebrated because once the economy recovers these principles will allow this company to excel once again.
Isn't it a shame when disgruntled employees can't see the errors in their ways or try to learn from them to grow as a person but instead choose to blame everyone else for why they were let go! I think the only smoke screen around here is the hot air coming from the person writing such negative comments because their own smoke clouds the truth!
I would highly recommend this company for employment and hope the economy turns around soon so they may continue to expand and allow others the opportunity for employment there.
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