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From New York, NY — 08/25/2010

I had a horrendous boss for several years. The manager seemed very sweet at the beginning, but what I didn't see was the "nice to your face, stab you in the back" approach. His management style was classic swoop and poop. He'd give you directions, then disappear on other things for a month. Then out of the blue he'd reappear and hold a project status meeting for the entire team, at which he would criticize you for doing A, B, and C, instead of X, Y, and Z. So you'd run off and do X, Y, and Z, and a month later, it was "why in the world are you doing X, Y, and Z, instead of A, B, and C?" Pointing out that's what he'd told you to do, or arguing with him, just wasn't even worth it.

The funny thing is, before this job, I had always been successful in whatever job I had held. But within less than a year of working with him, I was questioning my own intelligence, abilities, competence, etc. When you are constantly dealing with someone who treats you like an idiot, it's hard not to start to wonder if maybe he's not on to something.

The lesson is to let it go and not hold a grudge. For every minute that you spend pondering this or holding this grudge, he is winning. For every minute that you stew over it, is time wasted not being happy.

Karma will get him if not now, later.
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