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From Minneapolis, Minneso — 10/09/2007

LaBreche is one of those places where it's awfully good on paper. The job sercurity, however, is only because they can't hold on to employees for very long. With 100% turnover year after year, they can't afford to lose the people who actually stay. And not many do. Which means there's plenty of room for advancement if you can stand the strain on your mental health.
Why is it so bad? Well, one reason is that the focus of the company is more on making a million plus in profit than it is client service. Account managers will repeatedly say that we need to find ways to use budgets as a favor to the client so they don't lose public relations budget. Nevermind it means billing for needless, pointless work.
There is a culture of blame, with management (especially the principles) unable to accept responsibility for issues that go astray. And go astray they do.
If you're considering working here, prepare to be talked down to, over-worked, over-stressed, unappreciated and in a work environment where you spend your days trying to avoid management. This is as close to living Office Space as you'll likely get.
If you're considering hiring LaBreche for your public relations work: don't. You will not get value for your money, or an account team that will remain consistent. You'd be much better off with a larger firm than with this one...a firm trying to be the big dog, but dangerously close to being squashed by big dreams of dollar signs. Don't waste your money.
Don't waste your time.
On the upside, the non-management workers are talented, interesting people who are united not only in the desire to leave LaBreche, but also to do their best to serve their clients despite the often overwhelming obstacles. That, and the location just on the edge of downtown Minneapolis is convenient, safe and has an excellent gym.
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