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From Fort wayne, In — 10/12/2009

Certain employees at this facility will go out of their way just to make you look stupid whether you are a parent or an employee . They have a tendancy to instruct employees to lie to parents about how their kid is doing and to make themselves look good in front of corporate when they have clearly not followed La Petite rules/guidelines stated in the employee handbook. Also, I have witnessed first hand how employees seem to act so much different when either corporate or state inspection comes for a visit. they run around tipping off other employees on things needed to be fixed so they don't get nailed for it with the first sight of the guests mentioned above. I believe that their is so many extra comments made to either other employees or even parents about personal confidential info. Favorites are played when it comes to employees. Why is it that some employees can get away with anything they want while other employees can havbe in the exact same situation while hanging on by a thread to keep their job. I highly reccomend that if you are looking for a job or a place to keep your child while away to watch the inside stuff first and see first hand how the business is being run before closing the deal.
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