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Job Security4
Work/Life Balance4
Career Growth4
Work Environment3

From Miamisburg, OH — 08/15/2009

Pay: I was offered around 8.00/hr to start with no previous experience in a childcare center.

Respect: For the most part I felt respected my management and co-workers.

Benefits: I payed for them but they were a bit expensive. It didn't cover everything I thought it would either.

Job Security: They were always hiring and I never saw anyone get fired. Easy to transfer centers also.

Work/Life balance: No problems here except when I called off I had to specifically request to use sick time. And even then I would have to look at my paycheck to make sure I was actually getting paid my sick time.

Career Potential/Growth: As a teacher there is none. But if you want to move up through management there is opportunity there.

Location: My location was far from my house and it wasn't located directly off the highway either which made it a pain to drive to everyday. Lots of mall traffic.

Co-Worker Competence: My co-workers were all pretty good teachers.

Work Environment: Very gossipy.
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