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3.5Rating Details
Job Security4
Work/Life Balance5
Career Growth3
Work Environment3

From Ohio — 07/23/2009

Pay: The pay is decent if you have experience. It pays about the same as any other child care, which is underpaid. People in suits get paid more to sit in an office than the teachers who do all the real work.
But that's any child care. Raises at LPA are between 0-40 cents yearly for teachers.

Respect: You get what you give.

Benefits: For my needs the benefits are nice, although a little pricey.

Job security: We are all replaceable. I think I'm great at what I do so I feel secure, but the reality is that any 18-year-old HS graduate could get hired for my job. Could she do it better than me? No way. But she could still get it.

Work/Life balance: We are not allowed to work more than 39 hours a week so there is no overtime. If you request days off with plenty of notice you will usually get it.

Growth: La Petite food chain is as follows--floater, teacher, AIM (teacher who helps in the office), assistant director, director, corporate suit. If you enjoy the teaching aspect of it, then you have no career advancement here. But if you're interested in management/office jobs you may be interested in promotions.

Co-worker competence: This was my lowest rating. Lots of drama, gossip, and backstabbing. Best thing to do here is mind your own business and don't share personal stories. Everything gets around so just do your job and don't make friends here. Also, many under-qualified teachers are hired so for those of us who know how to do our job well have to do the jobs of other teachers too. It can be stressful to feel responsible for two or more classes not getting their curriculum done.
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