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From Albuquerque, New Mexico — 06/13/2010

I've worked at the L3 Vertex Aerospace, Albuquerque, New Mexico site for over six years. I'm a mechanic and have enjoyed my work here at this site. I cant speak to the rest of the company and its practices, but as far as this site goes, we've had almost no turnover. Even when the economy was strong people were lining up to hire on at this site.

We have solid job security, the money is quite good for this area and we don't for the most part, work weekends! Overtime is not allowed unless the customer requires it.

For the record, no I'm not in management or on the inside. I'm just a mechanic who has had a very good experience with L3 Vertex Aerospace.

Your career is what you make of it. If your not happy at your present location, maybe its time to move on.
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