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From Murfreesboro, Tn Plant 6 — 04/16/2009

Wow, I'm not even sure where to start. I've worked at the m'boro plant for sometime now, wondering everyday if it will be my last, I feel as if as soon as I walk through the door I have a Bulls eye on my back. If they would spend less time trying to hand out occurrences and F-ing people out of their "retro" pay, and more time appreciating the people that bust their butts and take pride in their work it may be an alright place to work...Maybe. Me along with several others I have talked to had all been shorted money WE worked hard for. The head of associate services AKA "HR" thinks he owns the place, he obviously must pay us out of his personal checking account since so many people were screwed out of "retro" or back pay after their 90 day probation period was up or a new position was accepted. We were all promised a raise which was moved to a later date 3 times already, now the raise turned into a 5% pay cut and increase in benefit co-pays and premiums. Wow, I've heard the owner is the 10th richest man in Michigan?? The pay was only ok to begin with but now I'm making less than when I started. Maybe offer extra time off to compensate losing 5% of our pay. by the way you will earn 1 (one) hour per month of sick or emergency time but you will still get an occurance if you use it, even with a doctors note!! ???????
They also talked about bonuses when they were "recruiting" people...that's a JOKE. Not even a christmas bonus. I'm so fed up with these a-holes. All they want are "warm" bodies to show up and slave away. I've witnessed people being fired for talking WHILE the were working! This place is nuts!

You can't even ask a manager how their weekend was! if you are having a drink after work and a manager shows up at the same place they aren't allowed to talk to you? L&W tries to dictate who you are friends with?? I will work harder for someone I like personally, than someone that doesn't respect me as another human being.
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