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4.4Rating Details
Job Security4
Work/Life Balance5
Career Growth4
Work Environment5

From Lebanon Tn — 03/28/2009

The pay is good compared to other plants in this area. They could improve a little in the respect dept. but sometimes they give what they recieve. Our benefits are comparible to other plants around. It is good to some of them. For job security it is rather unsecure right now because of the economy. As long as you are there and do your job without being a whinner you can pretty well depend on staying in your job. As for career advancment they need some lessons there. They are bad about hiring someone off the street instead of promoting within. Of course you have to have someone with the right qualifications, but some of the ones they hire I wonder where they find them. The people in the plant at least knows the jobs. Since the over time has been cut our home life has improved. They do work alot of hours when needed to deliver on time. I love the location it is close to the Interstate and alot if eaterys. All of the co-workers are from different walks of life. Most of the times they are enjoyable but at times we do have some that want to start trouble and we have a co-ordinator that works against this at all times. When this plant first opened it was horrible to work at for the safety issues. But in the last two years I can say it has improved. Although it is still crowded in places. At least you can see where you are going. It could still improve alot if we just had some more footage in the building. What I see that L&W really needs is someone that can keep up with the merchadise that comes in. We loose enough products to buy another plant. No one is held responsible for signing in the products. Some is signed for but never received. Then it is set every where except where it is suppost to be. We really need a overhaul in this department. But I believe in all L&W is about as good as it gets without a Union Base..Sometimes I actually believe they really care about their associates but just have a hard time showing it. Like some people say some plants don't even have benefits and we do. I know at this time it is hard, it is hard on everyone but maybe pulling together we will survive these hard time even with a job...
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