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From Belleville, Michigan — 02/03/2009

Shame on all of you who complain about this company. This company treats its employees with the utmost respect! My husband was ill and they showed uncompelling compasion and comfort to our family. In this economy you should be thanking them for your job and security of your family. I have nothing bad to say about this company, management, employees "they all showed support and compassion in our time of need". The medical benefits and support were uncanning. You really need to think of our society as a whole. Do you really think its any better wherever you work? I work in the medical field as a professional and there are times i am less enthused also, but i Thank God everyday i am giving the opportunity to work. So instead of all of the negativity you are portraying you might want to take a moment to think of a positive comment to pay your employer who had belief and trust in you when they hired you! (wife of a previous employee) THANK YOU L&W ENGINEERING! V.M.
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