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From blissfield, MI — 10/14/2008

well i have worked for L&W in Blissfield for a number of years and, I personally have not had that bad of experience. I see people on here raggin on them hard core, but it really isnt that bad of company. Yea, i have seen my share of BS in there, but where have i worked that i havent seen BS? there are alot of layoffs going on but i see that in every automotive factory around. i cant blame them for laying people off, they gotta do what they gotta do to keep their business going. Ive seen that the majority of people that get fired or laid off is because of their attendance. show up too work! how hard is that? the pays isnt the best, but its better than alot places i've worked for. i made less than half of what i make now at the last factory i worked at. Planr four has had alot of new general managers, some have gone to other L&W plants and some went for a one way trip out the door. they must have a good reason to fire them, they arent gonna let them go if they are making the company money, are they? I do feel i could lose my job at any moment, it isnt a union plant (thankfully). But if i get hired in knowing that, why would i be surprised if i get let go? I do feel sorry for people who get let go for something they may not have done, but hey thats a part of life and no employer is perfect. I'm not on the company's side, i'm on my side. I just choose to look at the situations i see through their eyes along with my own view. i know i'm never gonna find a work place where people arent gettin screwed or there is no BS going on, so why bother to bitch and moan about this place? I could say the same stuff that everyone has complained about, about every other factory i've ever worked at. i think that most of these people just need somthing to bitch about. its not the best job ever, but it sre isnt the worst job. I would have no problem recommending my frinds to go work there if they are good workers.
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