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From belleville mi — 07/20/2008

I worked for Plant 2 for 7 years. The starting salary was awesome. You are expected to find something to do immediately if your machine breaks down or you could be fired. So basically just tie a broom to your let just in case. I am not a lasy person and always kept busy, several people would vouch for me. Still to this day if they were hiring I could get a job there again in a minute. I still keep in touch with everyone. They do have a "Good Ole Boys" club and if your not in it your doomed. The benefits were great in the beginning but they have gotten worse lately. There is no job security. However, there was great growth within the company. Don't let this fool you though. They move you up only to move you out. They do fire people for unbelievable reasons and I have seen this happen often. They are laying people off right now and sadly no one knows if their job will be available when they get back. I have held several different jobs at L&W. Beware that if they like you they will create a job title for you, only to fire you when needed by saying your job is not needed. Sometimes if they eliminate your position they say you can go back to your old position if it is still available. When it rains it pours. If theirs overtime say goodbye to your life, my spouse still works for L&W and when there's overtime I can't even make dentist or medical appointments in advance because I never know when my spouse will be available. Seriously, many times dinner has sat on the table for hours while I was waiting for my spouse to get off work. They did try to keep the work environment clean I can vouch for that. As far as job growth, they do promote within the company. I have seen and been promoted myself and it is fairly easy to move to new position. However, the company makes a lot of spur of the moment decision on what direction the company is going in. When they decide to go in a different direction you can say bye bye to your job. I was once training for a job in Six Sigma. (A new direction the company wanted to go in) and the plant manager was who I reported to directly. He had no idea what six sigma was about. I went to the classes and tried to implement the program and the plant manager was such a stopping block that I just asked for a demotion and went back to my old job. It's kind of difficult when your boss has no idea what your supposed to be doing, and your basically training him. All box minded thinker's they are. What a joke that was. Oh, by the way. While I was training for Six Sigma, they told me to ask a fellow associate for help if I needed it. Later, I was told by the Plant Manager that after my training I would replace that associate and be his boss. I felt so bad and wanted to tell him. What a dog eat dog company. Everyone is in it for themselves. The location was great, living five minutes from the plant. I have seen it so many times. They promote men mostly. They go from operator, to jobsetter, to leader, to coordinator, and then out the door. At first the people getting promoted are loyal to the company up until they get promoted to coordinator. Then they realize that they are being used by the company and side with the hourly associates and usually they get booted out the door. L&W has a hard time treating everyone with equality. I don't know, I used to love working there but after seeing so many people loose their jobs ( I mean really smart, good workers) it kind of has a negative effect on you. Your always wondering if you will be next to go. A good company over all if you mind your own business, with ok benefits. A lot of gossip, it's kinda worse than high school. There is usually a click that you need to fit in with. A lot of drama going on. A lot of dating. HA HA! It was kind of funny. I once had a boss that was a social butterfly with the click in his department. Of course, all pretty girls. He was using the company email to keep in touch with the girls. I wonder why he would have long meeting with them one on one upstairs with the doors locked. What ever could they be doing? HUMM! LOL and they would sit in the office and gossip and make plans for big BBQ's during the weekend. Once saw a girl making out with another associate while her husband was working in tool room on the same shift. I don't even know if her baby was her husbands cause they moved to another state after she got pregnant. Bosses favoring secretaries that sit and read books, study for classes, and do their bills on work time. While treating others that actually work like crap. Seen it first hand and it's still going on to this day. Funny how those people didn't get laid off this year. HUM! Oh and what about the associates that call off because their blood sugar is to high caused by drinking all weekend. And L&W makes such a big deal about not abusing your medical benefits. HUM, they didn't get laid off either. I bet shut down is gonna go smooth as butter. LMAO! I've seen people fired for fighting, looking at others email ( that wasn't password protected), just being too nosy about company business, oh, let's not forget that if anyone looks at a dirty email at work and you see it and don't report it, YOUR FIRED! People have gotten fired for being on disability too long. You name it I've seen it. It was a fun ride while it lasted. I decided to quit and raise my children. Toodles!
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