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From Blissfield Mi — 01/15/2008

Now it's my turn! :-) I was shafted TWICE by this company! I worked at plant 2 in Belleville Mi a few years back. I was fired from there for having a dirty work area and anyone who's ever worked with me knows it is a bunch of crap!I was also fired for not being back at my robot when it was up and running. When your machine/robot goes down, you are instructed to find something else to do quick so your not wasting company time and money. Could somebody tell me how I'm suppose to know my robot is up if I'm off somewhere else finding something else to do? Nobody bothered to find me and tell me! As for plant 4 in Blissfield... I thought better of the idea when I applied but I ASSUMED since it was years later, a different plant, and different people it would be better. NOT! The pay still sucked, There is no job security even for hourly. The location was great since just a few months before I got fired, I bought a house 5 minutes away! Though it was somewhat smokey in the building but it was a welding plant. The only respect you got from salary were the coordinators(supervisors) except one. I ended up getting fired from there for a false accusation of something 2 "friends" said they seen me do. I decided to go through the peer reveiw. FORGET IT! I went through it with witnesses that one was not in the day of my review and the other was on day shift and left by the time they decided to call him, if your witnesses are not there the day of your review, you lose. They go ahead with the review, your witnesses mean nothing to them. I had a former supervisor from another job that has nothing bad to say about me and in fact was a supervisor/plant manager for L&W plant 1. He worked at L&W for about 12 years and he had enough, he got out! He told me the right way to go about the peer review because the way they have it written it's only going to save to company's butt. But by then I had already went through the process and it was to late. Sure you can get some good overtime there but one thing you must know; They look for reasons to fire people, I seen it to other people before it happened to me.
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