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From Romeo, Mi — 01/16/2010

Since when was it against the law to have the freedom to express your opinion on this site? You yourself made a posting on this site, does that mean you should be fired? I'm sure L&L is in no financial position these days to be in lawsuits for firing employees for postings or talking to the outside for that matter. It's too bad that a "Big Brother" watch out mentality would be an attempt to put fear into the employee's eyes. The only fear these days is being laid off into the most difficult job market in over 30 years. The controlling factor in the past when times were good was the 40%+ profit sharing checks which was like a rabbit being lead around with a carrot. L&L is a tight knit group which consists of friends, families, brothers, sisters, aunts and uncles working there, just look at all the same last names in the phone book. It's too bad relatives/friends are the key qualification for unemployment too. I find it hard to believe that ones relative or friend is the most qualified for the job. How could any company improve their talent pool based on hiring relatives and friends? Eventually your competition will surpass you when they come out with more state of the art innovative products than your same old year in year out L&L products. I think L&L will eventually destroy itself internally by hiring friends/relatives and giving the customer the same thing over and over again. Would you like to buy a car or cell phone that never changes? I also believe there is some truth too from other posts that if you don't golf, bowl, hunt or hang out at the bar with the right people your first to go when it's time for layoffs. It's too bad these are the qualifications for maintaining a job and not your skill level, because many of the most talented people were let go because they lacked the buddy-buddy qualifications. I do believe that the owners of L&L are very thoughtful and generous people who truly care about each and everyone one of their employees, and it breaks their hearts to let people go in difficult times. During these difficult times, the owners need to become more observant as to what really goes on in each plant/department to really "Set the new Pace" so we can become "a good place for all who touch it" again.
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