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From Romeo, Mi — 02/26/2009

I want to know why some people worked at L&L as long as they did if they were so miserable. Has anyone found a job yet comparable to our pay, health benefits, profit sharing, 401k, education foundation, dinners, parties, golf outings, free coffee, tea and hot chocolate because I sure can't. I'm going back to school just in hopes to get as close to our hourly wage that we had, let alone all the extras because I know that will never happen again. I really enjoyed my time there and made many friends. It is so sad that some of you think of this great company the way you do. It was not the company's fault that we got laid off. And I give the owners a lot of credit for still hanging in there and not selling because they definitely don't need the money but this is their family. I was not there back in the day when things were good but they sure weren't bad in the time that I was there. As far as being treated fairly from a female's perspective I was not treated any differently then the guys. And the cleanliness of the place was great considering all the black powders, pellets and other chemicals that went into making the materials. I hope that you eventually find what makes you happy in life because working there obviously wasn't it. I will go back in a heartbeat if we ever get the chance.
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