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From Romeo, MI — 01/24/2009

I stumbled upon this website and when I read the comments on this company I was appalled. It is apparent that the writer has not had any other jobs. The pay for the work at L&L was more than fair add the profit sharing on top of that and it makes it alomost unbeatable. Job security may be a little lower as of late but if the news is to be believed the state of Michigan is the first state to hit double digit unemployment (10.4%). I'm sure you cant blame that entirly on L&L. I believe the comment was made that the owners only care about the money...that statement is just assinine. If that were true all of those BIG profit checks that you have receieved over the years would have stayed in thier pockets. As far having to lay people off well you can't keep people on and continue to lose money just because you like them. If there is to be a chance for a recovery there needs to a restructuring, if this occurs then maybe some of the people can come back to work. I worked at L&L for 10 years and sure I had days that didn't go my way but looking back at it that company did more for me than any other company ever has. Just remember when you get up in the morning yuou have a choice to go to work for such a "horrible" company or go find a better one. I think what you will find is that L&L is a damn good place to work. I no longer work there so you cannot refer to me as a "kiss ass" or what ever name you feel like calling me. Also keep in mind if the owners didn't care that place would have been sold off already like so many other supplier businesses have in the last 5 years.

As far as getting promoted if you apply yourself and don't give up after one failed attempt do not blame the company. I applied for many jobs in L&L and got turned down for most of them, however the three promotions I did get took me to a level that one could argue was one of the best jobs within the company (non-salried)

I met a lot of great people there and still talk to quite a few of them to this day. I also met a few people that I didn't like but that is what is life. You can't expect the perfect enviroment in anything you do.

Do you honestly think the owners of this company are at home sleeping well at night knowing that are laying off the majority of people that helped them get to the point they are? I've met and talked to many people from both families and have heard them say on more than one occasion that they would not be what they are if it wasn't for of people that work in that building.

I guess I will step off my soapbox for now. But just put yourself in someone elses shoes and look at the big picture before you decide to post,in my opinion,immature, ill-thought ideas and stabs at people that most likely helped you pay for your home,food and all the toys that I am sure you have bought with those profit sharing checks for the better part of 50 years.
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