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From Romeo, Michigan — 08/19/2010

I worked for L & L Products for over 10 years and chose to relocate to another state. Alot of the line employees constantly complained about everything. I now work in another career field and now realize how great the company was. The insurance was top of the line compared to what I have now. I have higher premiums, higher copay's and I can only go to certain doctors. Even when the profit sharing started to get lower and lower we were still getting paid (hourly) very well for the work we were doing. I now make alot less than even my lowest year at L & L Products. Yes, there were issues that alot of people did not like but I don't remember L & L Products calling me and asking if I wanted a job. I called them! At my current job we have never had meals provided by the employer, never had an open house, never a barbaque, I have to pay for my uniforms, there is no such thing as a cost of living raise. Even when profit sharing was really high people were still complaining. I have never had or will I ever receive a profit sharing check. Every thing is not perfect there but always remember, it could be alot worse. I miss L & L and I bet there are still many people who would give their left arm to work at L & L for just the hourly wage. For the years that I worked for L & L I was able to provide very well for my family. Other than the large auto companies we probably made more than any other factory in the state. I feel very blessed for the time I was employed by L & L, you should too!
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