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From Del Mar, CA — 12/02/2009

Hired when the hotel re-opened last year, I've been promoted a couple of times now and I feel like I have a good career going on with them. Too bad others are only talking trash but the place. The changes in management during the past year have made it a better place to work. (Awesome banquet manager there if you're a server or bartender.) Name me a place where there isn't some manager who is hard to work for. Though times in San Diego are tough, the employees here make good money with Kitchen 1540 and the steady bar scene. Summers are off the hook for making tips. Hey, how hard is it to come to work at one of the coolest locations, hottest night scenes and best beach towns in San Diego? tough life! Yeah, they've got high standards like the Four Seasons (where I used to work), and managers do expect the best from us, but then there's always someone else applying every day for an opportunity to have a job here. This isn't a place for whiners, and management is quick to weed out the slackers. Personnaly, I'm glad they do. I only want to work with superstars too!
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