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Job Security5
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From Mount Vernon, Ohio — 03/29/2010

I worked at Kroger in High school and only made 7.25 an hour. The pay was fine considering I was part time and not looking for a career. Its not a bad place to work there were a few managers that were stuck up and rude to you but overall very good people work at kroger. Most of the customers treat you well and the breaks are sufficient. I worked there for about a year and my wage increased 1.25 an hour in that year of course thats when minimum wage went up to 6.85 but they still paid me forty cents over. Location is good because they are everywhere. There is potential for growth if your committed to your job and plan on staying there awhile. The work life balance is good because you only work 5 days a week and forty hours and if you do work over its time and a half so really nothing to complain about. I thought this job sucked at the time but now with having a few other jobs under my belt I realized other than the pay I had it great and I cant speak to benefits because I did not recieve them.
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