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Job Security5
Work/Life Balance4
Career Growth1
Work Environment5

From Springfield, MO — 02/25/2010

Kroger is not a terrible company to work for; however, the pay is pretty pathetic (specifically at Dillons.) You'll start off at minimum wage for most positions, and then, after a thousand or so hours of working, you'll get something like a 15 cent raise. The second raise, after another thousand hours, is about 35 cents. That's about two years or so for most part-timers.

However, at least for my position, the company has accommodated my odd hours (I'm a college student) fairly well, and the job security is about as high as job security can get. However, the room for advancement is quite low, as most of the people in higher positions seem to have been working for five years or so at an absolute minimum, and more likely ten. I don't particularly want to work in a grocery store that long with such small raises and such small room for growth.
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