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From Springfield, OH — 11/05/2009

I was a loss prevention officer. I had to hold a paid police commission in addition to this job, in order to carry my fire arm under cover. They pay very well compared to other LP jobs in the industry! A few of the baggers/cashiers were VERY jealous of my wage (somebody leaked it before I worked at our store), but once I explained how much liability and outside-Kroger training was required, they quickly shut up.

The company considers it part-time (despite being able to work up to 40 hours a week!) and exempt from the union and any benefits of any kind. The management was exceptionally nice and flexible with my schedule, and very professional on the sales floor. Behind office doors the anti-union rhetoric was a bit much at times. I had to give up my position to take on a full-time police job (benefits, etc) but I wish I didn't! I miss my job at Kroger!
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