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Job Security4
Work/Life Balance5
Career Growth4
Work Environment4

From Plano, Texas — 06/08/2009

I had worked for Kroger for a year and the pay was WAY below what I thought it should have been considering I worked in the deli/bakery department. $6.00 to start with a 15cent raise six months down the line. I found that due to the union even overnight workers start that low. Once union dues are taken out whether you signed with them or not, you barely have enough to live on.

Respect: I gave a 3 cause my department manager was a Very Nice Lady that has been with the company for over 30 years (She worked up from being a courtesy clerk) and she treated all of us fairly and never talked down to us. Which is one reason I LOVED working there. Some of the other managers showed respect as well towards others despite your title. There was a couple of "Bad apples" there that walked around like they were Gods and treated the non butt kissers like crap.

Benefits: I gave a negative 4 cause although they CLAIMED I had benefits and the union was taking money out of my check I NEVER got an insurance card and when I called the Supposed insurance company they had no record of me whatsoever!

Job Security: As long as you showed up on time and did your job, your job was secure(Thats with any job though. Although a previous poster here was correct in saying they will keep you at part time status but work you up to 40 hours until you get close to the 12th week and then drop your hours.

Work/Life Balance: I gave it a 4 because my department manager wrote our schedule and as long as you let her know (in writing) in advance you need a day or days off for whatever reason she would let you have it off. I was on a set schedule so it was easy to do errands or spend time with family. Yeah you got to work holidays and it was usually only for a few hours that the store was opened.

Career Potential/Growth: There is Potential for it but you have to actually discuss it with your department manager or whomever the supervisor is. I talked to mine about working in the bakery as a cake decorator and was starting to be cross-trained in the bakery. I know people that started out as a bagger and is now a department head all within a matter of months. I believe that if a person really wants to move up in this company they have to have the drive to do something about it.

Location: It was really close to my house to where I could walk to work. The store was near a high school and a few industries so it got REALLY busy specially during the lunch and supper hours.

Co-Worker Competence: Being in the deli, you get sent to a special training program for the products the deli carries. Everyone was knowledgeable in the deli/bakery department, we did have a few incidents where a new worker didnt want to work and just talk but they didnt last long. The department manager didnt put up with laziness and would transfer you out in a heartbeat if she sees or hears youre not doing anything. There were also times when I would swear a co-worker left their brain at home but it was usually because their personal life would distract them from what they were doing. The department head let them have some time off to get their personal life back in order... without any penalties for the missed time(no write ups or anything) which I thought was cool.

Work Environment: I REALLY loved working in that department but I still didnt give it a 5 cause I must admit there were days when the customers made you want to scream back at them. There were also days when you come in and a co-worker or manager was having a bad day and they would take it out on you. The overall store work environment was always one that seemed stressed..from department heads rushing around filling up their items within a time limit, department employees being called to be a cashier due to people calling in, customers complaining about every LITTLE thing from them trying to claim a price is lower than what it is to the squeaking tire on a shopping cart(YES I have heard a customer complain about that), and various other things that goes on with working in a grocery store.
I'm not saying Krogers is a Great Place to work and I'm not going to say its Horrible cause in my opinion I know every store is different so IF your lucky enough to get into a store like mine where it was fun and managers actually cared then you CAN go far. Unfortunately it seems there are more bad stores than good. So good luck to anyone looking to work for Kroger...I would still be working at that store if I didnt have to move away.
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