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From Atlanta, GA — 03/07/2009

This wont be long. I LOVED working at Kroger when I was an employee. I made great money for the type of work and considering I was a part-time cashier. Right off Briarcliff Rd. My co-workers knew almost everything about the store and/or their area's. The business itself re-hired me 5 times and will do it once again when this market levels out.

Pay: was great, I'll even post it. I started at $6.35 an hour and ended up at the top of my pay scale in 2.5yrs. at $9.10.

Respect: the business and staff honored all my requests for time off and made it possible to live just fine as I had to jobs and was an out-of-stater that made many trips back up north during my employment. All mistakes to pay were corrected THAT DAY.

Benefits: I cannot rate this fairly as I had a full-time job that also had benefits.

Job Security: It is the food industry, it HAS to be around. As stated above I am still able to be re-hired after leaving for the 5th time.

W/L Balance: Assuming this is directed at being able to relax when needed. This business does a great job at making it easy for me.

Career: I was up for a role as a full-time cashier before I moved, but I would believe it is possible to start from the ground up and move quickly up the chain if you are a good mindful employee. I wish I never left to tell you the truth.

Location: It's Georgia, I lived 15miles from where I worked. But as I said it is GA. It is just there. I personally don't mind traveling.

Co-Workers: Knew EVERYTHING I needed to ask, I almost never needed to ask management. The store was very well managed and the management staff was always there to help, even the store manager of 12+ years wasn't difficult to work with.

Work Environment: I must of been in the best example of a Kroger possible. My store was always clean, neat (sorta) and the staff and management; as listed above we're great, period. I'ma come back there as soon as possible when I relocate. I'll even take a pay-cut, that is JUST how great of a place this store is.
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