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3.2Rating Details
Job Security3
Work/Life Balance3
Career Growth3
Work Environment3

From Dayton, OH — 11/19/2008

I give pay a -2 rating because even though Kroger acts like they pay better than other places, it's just not true. It doesn't matter how much experience you have, there is a capout because of the union and it is just barely above minimum wage. I give respect a 0 rating because i feel like the management has no respect for the employees whatsoever. All they do is walk around acting like they are better than everyone and bark orders at the employees. I gave the benefits a one, only because you do get a ten percent discount on kroger brand products. I gave job security a 0 because they give you a two month trial period when you start there and most people don't even make it past that. The only people that really seem to stick around are ones that are related to the management in some way. I give a 0 for work/life balance because when you work at Kroger, they want you to make Kroger your life. They schedule you crazy hours and are constantly changing the schedule throughout the week and ruining any plans you might have. I give career potential/growth a zero because there really isn't any way to move up in the company with the way the economy it is right now. I have over ten years retail experience and they don't even have a position for me other than cashier. I give co-worker competence a 3 because there are some people that work there that have been there for years that know what they are doing. Last, I give work environment a 0 because working at Kroger is hell. The customers are always rude and want everything for free. The managers are always yelling at the employees and making them feel like they are worthless. My store only has security a couple days a week and that makes working there scary sometimes
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