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From Memphis, TN — 10/28/2008

All of the reviews I've read are from hourly employees. I have worked in Management for Kroger for over 8 years. For the most part, Kroger has been good to me with steady promotions. They have greatly improved over the past few years with posting jobs, which used to be almost secretive. It is a big company with plenty of opportunity for growth. It is what you make of it. Being retail, you have to work weekends and holidays. Most stores are 24/7. If you are an hourly clerk, you need to be at work on time and do what your supervisor asks of you. If you are having difficulty with your directives, take it to management. But remember, there isn't a whole lot of empathy when it comes to gross jobs. I've had to help clean around the dumpsters and through out all the trash that the Meat, Deli and Produce Department left. Whatever it takes to keep a good customer shopping with us, no matter how painful, we must do. As a bagger or cashier, it is often hard to see the big picture of why things are the way they are. The company's decisions on Union negotiations, pay rates, remodels, sales growth, etc. have to keep Wall Street appeased. I am not the happiest person with Kroger. In management in our area, it is still a male dominated business. Men who don't think they're biggotted are. The good ole boy network is alive and well. The company has spent a lot of money on training to reshape the old culture into a new dynamic culture, but old habits die hard. Our CEO is a swell guy with the best of intentions, it is just going to take a long time to turn this ship around. I would recommend Kroger to folks who understand it is long hours, don't mind working weekends and holidays, don't need a whole lot of praise to stay motivated, and don't mind being yelled at by customers because there will be one to tell you how great things are. And to all angry employees that hate your management, have you ever said hello to them and ask how their day is going? We all fail sometimes to be kind to one another. In a manager's day, we sometimes get so wrapped up in all the things that have to be done that we forget to say thanks. But each store has a team that makes it all happen.
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