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From Houston, TX — 04/10/2008

I just read alot of complaints. It seems like not to many people have had good experiences with the Kroger Co...So I felt I needed to add something positive. Pay is crap, but that is only because of the union. This can be overcome with some motivation and a Management on your side. I started workin for Kroger at age 17 for under $6 an hour. By the age of 19 I was a Grocery Manager for a Grand Opening. Co workers made the environment enjoyable. HEY GUYS! This is a business. Kroger is out to make money. They require so much work because there is an OR (operating ratio) that has to be met that is not made up by Store Managers, but is enforced by them. But needless to say I didnt go out on top. I was a manager for a couple of years doing outstanding things with my department. But, When I could no longer perform to their standards, they transferred me back to my original store. The same Store Manager that got me the same guy that got me busted down. I was demoted. My pay was cut in half. Needless to say I did not stick around. It was a good stepping stone for me. I am currently in the Army makin better money but with alot more risk. No hard feelings for Kroger. If you are an employee and not happy. DO SOMETHIN ABOUT IT. Otherwise Shut the hell up!
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