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From Loganville, GA — 12/14/2007

I just recently got hired for an overnight stocker position at my local Kroger. As I am normally up at night, this was a true blessing. May pay is equal to or slightly better than other night jobs offered by other local supermarkets. I normally work eight hours per night, which is fine. As a part-timer, I work around 4 days per week, which is just about right for me. Because I work at night, this leaves little time available for normal day-to-day life activities, but this is a choice I have made, and has nothing to do with Kroger or their practices.

I must admit, reading all of these negative reviews the day before I started made me feel a little apprehensive, but my were unwarranted, because my Kroger is the exact opposite of everything said here. My managers are nice and respectful, my supervisors are friendly and helpful, my coworkers are competent and fun to be around, and the overall work experience is very positive. I always leave my shift in a good mood. On my days off, I actually miss working.

I left my benefits rating at average because I really don't even know what they are.

Really, this store is simply nothing like the horrible reviews posted here. I'm beginning to think some of the posters just performed poorly or had bad attitudes, and are blaming the store or management for their problems, because I simply cannot see how my store could be so different from the rest.
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