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From Dublin — 10/08/2009

KPMG has effectively reduced me to a person who no longer has any self-esteem. I feel worthless, incompetent and am almost on the brink of self-loathing because I am so angry at myself for not being able to be good at what I am expected to do. My manager never wants to even listen to me when I go into her office with work that she asked me to do. She barely greets me as she walks by me in the hall. She is a typical example of someone who has given their life to their career and has become inhuman because of it.And she is no exception. I graduated first in my class for both my degree and my masters and received student of the year on both occasions - i don't want any extra recognition for these things - i simply have to think of these previous achievements every day i go to work because i am made to feel as though i am a complete wasteof space. Please do not take a job with KPMG - it really is not worth it.
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