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Job Security4
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From Los Angeles, CA — 04/11/2008

I work in external audit. I think your experience will vary SIGNIFICANTLY based on the line of business (external audit, tax, advisory, etc). This review isn't intended to be all inclusive, rather just highlight some thoughts that pop into my head.

KPMG is an extremely challenging place to work but if you manage your own career it can be great. The pay has increased substantially compared to market in the past 2-3 years. I actually get a lot of job offers coming from recruiters that pay less than I make which used to be unheard of, you always made more jumping ship.

I consider myself pretty fortunate as I've had a pretty good worklife balance at the firm. You really have to look out for #1 (yourself) though to manage your work/life balance. The firm talks the talk and does provide some tools but if you just take what comes your way you will get swamped and never see the light of day.

One of the best things about KPMG is working with other intelligent people who are usually strongly motivated and at each level your peer group is close to your age.

Career potential/growth is probably still the biggest draw of any large public accounting firm and KPMG is no different. If you are competent you will have no problem getting great raises and promotions the first 10 years of your career. In a large office like LA you really don't compete for promotional spots until you are eligible for partner. I look at my friends in industry and at my clients and for many of them someone has to quit, die or retire for you to get promoted.

Public accounting isn't for everyone and many people get a job doing it without realizing what it is. I make a decent living and am great at my job when I want to be. That said I've never woken up excited to get to work. Maybe I'm a spoiled American but some days it is hard to go into work but I can't think of anything better I'd like to do.

The Work environment varries frequently as you roll onto new clients and teams. The great thing is that in external audit it is very team oriented. So if you have great team members (above or below you) then it can be a blast. If you have a bad apple it can really drag. Overall, I've found most people are reasonable and I would miss this type of team setup if I went to industry. Your team changes a lot which can be good or bad. Good if you are sick of that client or a team member, bad if you roll of a great team.
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