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From Staten Island, NY — 07/13/2010

I'm a little surprised by the reviews on this page. I work in a level 2 store which is fairly busy and yes we do recovery at the end of night but i find that if everyone is working and not slacking the job gets done rather quickly.
My management team hardly spends any time in the office they are all out on the floor assiting with projects, markdowns etc... i mean all management from exectuiives to areas to department leads to part time we all work together. My 01 WILL EVEN HELP OUT IN CUSTOMER SERVICE WHEN REALLY BUSY AND SOMEONE HAS CALLED OUT. And Yes the company emphasizes on Credit and E-mail but that is how they get coupons and advertisement out to bring the customers in without the customers there is no hours. Mayhbe the fact that you only get 4hrs 1 day a week your not as good of an employee as u think. The avaerage associate in my store gets 24 hrs a week u only get 1 day when either u SUCK or thats your availability. Also my manager ensures that we honor requests and vacations for everyone she believes in a work life balance the only time she says NO and even then if u need a day she will try to give it to u is during christmas when its all hands on deck. as far as pay goes I do agree for a part time associate its not enough to live off of and the raises could be better. Now to address advancement there is room to advance but only when a FT position becomes available. U have to realize we work for an 80% PT Company 20% FT. A store manager just can't promote someone because they want to their needs to be a position for that person and even then there is guideline of how much of a raise they can recieve. SO TO ALL U HATERS IF U HATE YOUR JOB THAT MUCH QUIT COMPLAINIG AND JUST QUIT WE DON'T WANT U THERE AS MUCH AS U DONT WANT TO BE THERE. BY THE WAY I'VE BEEN WITH THE COMPANY ALMOST 7 YEARS
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