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From Florida — 07/08/2010

This job sucks ..they keep on hiring new people and cutting hours of the old people. People that hate the job and don't do the job well enough get promoted while employees that work their butts off don't get promoted and not awarded for the good work they do.

So much to do at work and so little time somedays.

Store is making their sales goals but yet hours keep getting cut doesn't make sense.
Also this store/company is all about credit cards.

Also with a review your review is going to based off of how many credit cards you get and also your pay raise if you get one is going to be based off how you do in credit not fair and your review should be based on how well of a job your doing and your hard work not if you get credit cards off the floor.

also when they keep cutting hours it makes it hard to figure out if your going to have enough money to pay your bills each week / each month.......

not a good job wish i could find another job so I could quit this ONE/give my two weeks notice
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