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From Florida — 05/27/2010

I have read numerous comments that are negative about working for Kohl's. I would like to remind people that all of the part time positions at Kohl's require no experience or college education hence being paid minimum wage. There is potential for moving up to a supervisor position but it requires really going above and beyond, patience and a good attitude. Yes customers can be rude but that is everywhere, yes payroll hours get cut but that is based on store performance (they aren't going to fund payroll dollars when the sales are low!), yes you must SELL credit cards but the pressure to that is nothing compared to sales pressure in banking or some other sales environments (I have been under that kind of pressure). It takes finesse to get customers to want the card you can't just be robotic about it, and it is a numbers game the more you ask the better your chance at getting credit. It is part of the job and there are worse jobs. If you want a better job then get the education or training to be qualified for a better job.
That being said, although I am not paid a lot I am a full time supervisor and really do like my work, I like helping customers and merchandising. I don't mind telling every customer about the benefits of our credit card and I don't get ruffled when I am faced with a rude customer. (bank customers are much worse!) I have worked with excellent and poor managers, that happens everywhere too. The managers are the only ones who make good money so if you are looking for a career at Kohl's you either graduate college and apply as a management trainee or you work very very hard part time and hope that the right people notice. I love working so close to home, getting good health insurance (full time gets comprehensive), and a flexible schedule.
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