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From Lexington, KY — 03/09/2010

I've worked at two Kohl's because I moved out of state. They made the transfer easy and pain free, but that was because the store I came from was run amazingly well. Moving stores was interesting. I didn't realize how well my original store was until I came to Lexington. Seeing the two stores has allowed me to make comparisons and evaluate what comes from the company and what comes from the store.
The pay is okay. I didn't start at minimum wage and neither has anyone else I've talked to. Yeah, they say not to discuss your pay, but come on! I was a supervisor before the move but kept my pay when I got to KY even though my title had to go, so that worked out nicely.
As far as respect goes, I feel I got more in Florida than I do here, but that's not to say the managers are disrespectful, they're just a little less forthcoming with the compliments and appreciation.
Someone else already said this, but its not common that part-time associates get any benefits at all so that's a plus.
Its easy to have a work/life balance being part-time. I get roughly 20 hours a week and its all closing shifts that start at about 4:30, so I have an entire day before I go in which has made it easy to pick up the necessary second and third jobs.
I'm not sure about career potential, I moved up to supervisor very quickly but the only way I see it being a career is to be one of the executives, and it hasn't been made clear to me what needs to happen in order to get one of those spots. I got the supervisor spot fairly quickly but I don't see any further movement up the ladder happening any time soon.
Locations have been easy to get to. We only recently got Kohl's in Florida and the one I worked at was 1.6 miles from my apartment. In KY its about 8 miles, not bad.
My co-workers are also pretty competent. Like many others have said, my associates make it worth it. Only we know the pain of the lazy customers.
I understand why credits are such a big deal to the company, but I personally couldn't care less. They even changed the review policy to include credits in a different way for associates but I don't care. I am highly self-motivated and do comparatively more than other floor associates, I still have zero desire to solicit credits. I only offer it when it will really benefit the customer
I sometimes use the "Yes We Can" policy for getting credit. If customers sign up during scratch offs, they get 30%.
As a company, I think Kohl's is awesome. I wish we could limit people on how much they take into the fitting rooms, or give them numbers so they have to bring the stuff back out with them. How absolutely disrespectful is it to leave the clothes you tried on, on the floor of the fitting room. COME ON!! I cannot stand it! I don't even care if its hung or folded, at least bring it back out. If you can carry it in, you can carry it back out I'm sure.
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