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Job Security5
Work/Life Balance5
Career Growth1
Work Environment2

From New York — 03/04/2010

OMG!!! i have been ready to quit sooo many times it not even funny!! first of all, the managers are up your butt about credit, which i have never gotten, i work in the shoe dept. and most of the time I'm busy cleaning or customers already have it or don't want it and I'm not gonna push it. It is pretty hard to get fired but sometimes you almost wish you would get fired. Most of the managers respect you and thank you but turn around the next minute and yell at you so I gave respect a 2. The pay is minimum but I expect that and I'm part time also but then again I'm doing a lot throughout the day so that got a -5. Benefits are good and a little pricey for me but since I'm still living at home while I go to school I didn't need them. I really don't know about the growth part of the job, from what I've been reading it's non-existent so I would just move on of you want a better position in the store. The location is pretty good they opened a closer one to me but I decided to stay where I am now. The one sun spot in the whole job is that most of the co-workers I work with are nice and willing to help you out because they know about all the craziness that goes on.

The work environment is nuts!! your mostly are gonna be picking up stuff from the floor and folding or just putting it back up off the floor because of the lazy customers. I can't even tell you how many times I would be straightening up and I would see a customer trying on shoes and making a mess and see me later to say they left me a mess!!! I'm like Great Thank You! That's just what I need! I've even heard stories from co-workers who have said that they should expect customers to be nasty to us and i'm like no i don't think so, grown people with home training should know how to act no matter where they are at! Around the holiday and back to school season expect to be a lot busier and crazier, but you will get a lot of hours during this time so enjoy it because january on your gonna be begging for hours and bored out of your mind unless its a really good sale.

Kohl's is an alright place to work if it's your first job or second job but if you can avoid it please do! It's a nice place to be if your a customer but as you read from all the other reviews, not so much being a worker.
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