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From Howell, NJ — 02/24/2010

I can understand the comments that most of you have made..the "Yes We Can" attitude is great for the customers, but as an employee, it is very frustrating. The customers get away with everything. We all talk about how the customers think we're all a bunch of idiots because we give them whatever they want. They make a mess of the fitting rooms, they tell you they forgot their 30% coupon..(honestly, when I have ever had a 30% coupon, I put it in my handbag right away)...I've even had people come up to me and ask me if we have a coupon out this week, when I tell them yes, they have told me that they left their 50% coupon at home...When I tell them we don't have 50% coupons they actually argue with me...Sorry..They can argue all they want. I used to be a people person, but since I'm working at Kohl's, I really dislike people. But I'm sure that anyone in a job that works with the general public feels that way. Restaurants, food stores, any other retail store, they all get the same bull handed to them, but Kohl's takes it. All my co-workers feel the same as I can see all the comments here are saying the same thing.

The difference between what you are all saying and how I feel is that our managers show us a lot of respect. We are thanked everyday for a job well done. If we have a problem, we are listened to and if something can be done, then they do something about it. There is a lot of push to get credit, but I am not POS, and no matter how much they say they need to get credit, I rarely ask anyone. I think I have gotten 3 credit cards open in the year and a half that I am there.

All the associates are very competent. Just about everyone is cross trained. We cover for one another all the time. I do replenishment, freight, POS, some customer service and I work the Misses, Men's and Juniors dept. The training was OK..When I trained for POS, I spent as much time practicing as I felt I needed until I was comfortable. Now and then there will be something I've been thrown into that I don't know how to do, but all the managers say..."Just ask"..and when I do, someone will help me. We do a lot of "parties"..there is a group of associates on a committee that come up with themes for gatherings we have in the breakroom. For inventory we had breakfast and lunch brought in for 2 days. For the entire month of December we have food brought in every weekend. Then we have jeans days, sneaker days and our Christmas party is in January, it is catered and we have a gift auction.

We are all close, we are like a family. We often go out together after work. A movie, dinner, meet for lunch, a party at someone's house..we were even invited to a party for our 04 before she got married given by our 13 in her home. We have a lot of fun at work, because we really like one another. Our managers get on the floor with us and help clean up at night (even our 01)...the morale in our store is great. Most associates say they stay because of the people, because let's face it, the job is not going to keep you there.

We all complain that it is a lot of work for a little paycheck, but even when the customers get their 15% off, don't forget we get another 15% on top of it's not a fortune, but when you know the sale is going to be good and you have a 30% coupon, then you get your 15% on top of that, it is not bad. We are always allowed to put merchandise on hold till we find the best time to buy it.

There is no place that I have ever worked that has offered their part timers benefits..We have quite a few part timers that are working in Kohl's for benefits. They have full time jobs where the benefits cost more and give less. In this day and age with things the way they are, that is something that a lot of people find impossible to afford....if Kohl's can help them out with that, then that is something I have to give them credit for.

As far as my is so flexible. I am part time, but I very seldom work less than 20 hours..this week I had 32. When I need off, I simply tell them when, and I'm off. I went on vacation when I wanted for 2 weeks. I didn't have to put in for a vacation when no one else was taking it. It didn't matter to them when I went.

Kohl's is not perfect. There is a lot of frustration, but the management in the Kohl's I work in are respectful, caring, hard working and social. We care very much for one another, we are truly a TEAM. We work, eat, and play together. We often have a community project that we work together and I think things like that bond us to one another. I have read all the reviews here, and consider myself lucky to work at the Kohl's that I work at.
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