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From Maryland — 01/19/2010

There are the good and bad about Kohl's, as there are with any job. Every supervisor I've had was down to Earth, understanding, and patient. The E3's and up can be a little annoying, but whatever... It all depends on whether or not you have a good store manager. At my store, we have a fantastic, hard-working, store manager. He doesn't look down on you just for being an associate. In fact, he pitches in and will put out recovery whenever he has time. They do expect you to pick up extra shifts, and the E3's will try to make you feel bad if you don't, but ignore it. If you work hard, they respond, if you don't, expect them to say something as well. I've been ignored many times when I page for additional to my department, but I would recommend becoming good friends with your 27 otherwise that page will go ignored too. Not a bad place to work.
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