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3.6Rating Details
Job Security5
Work/Life Balance4
Career Growth4
Work Environment5

From IL — 11/30/2009

Pay-It's not the greatest 25 cents over Illinois min. wage, but it's not worthy enough to make a butt-load of money right out of the gate.

Respect- I give respect to all the execs there and they return it to me believe it or not, they always ASK instead of TELLING me to work another shift or if I could stay after for a lil bit. I was in the Army before I started working at Kohls so I'm use to giving respect and receiving it after you have gave them respect, so it's all even there.

Benefits-I'm part time, none to speak of.

Job Security- The few months that I've been there I've seen a few people quit but no one has been terminated, and just the other day my lead (I work in a department instead of POS or customer service) told me the other day they plan on keeping me and are going to try to get rid of this other person who does no work.

Work/Life balance- So far so good, there good at scheduling around my school schedule, but it just changed and I have to go make sure that they can work around this new one.

Career potential/growth- I'm sure it's there, my 01 apparently started as Holiday Help and is now the head manager at the store I work at.

Location-About 6 miles from my house, not too bad.

Co-Worker Competence- it seem's like there are a few people at the store that do all the work and the rest just try to skate by doing the minimum amount of work to satisfy the management.

Work Enviroment- I love it, it's pretty laid back, and I just worked black friday from 3:30 AM till noon and I would have to say that everyone was nice and calm, my 01 was kinda blunt and mean that day, but it was pretty hectic so I understand.

All in all I would have to say that working at Kohl's is a great thing, all stores are diffrent but this one seems like it's outstanding. My 02 and 03 are always out on the floor filling and working which helps me do my work better knowing there not in there sippin' coffee and talking smack on employees my 01 is never on the floor but she's got a store to run so I understand her not being able to be on the floor helping fill and whatnot. I was in the Army before this so it's a nice change of pace, all these people who are "Oh they talk to me bad bla bla bla" Your lucky you found a job this easy in an economy like this, I consider myself to be lucky to have found this job, so take it as you will...I would so recommend working at Kohl's, well at least at the store I work at.
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