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From IL — 11/12/2009

I have worked for Kohls for six years.. I look at my job at Kohls as a place to make a little extra money not as a career. I work overnight and I think that is one of the reasons I have been able to stay for six years. I love the supervisors we have overnight and we have a good overnight team, with the exception of a few but it would be like that anywhere.

Pay. I don't expect to become rich working at Kohls but I do think the pay is subpar. I have heard that the employees at the store I work are the lowest paid in our district.

Respect. What I have seen is in order to get respect you have to give respect. I may not agree with something my manager has said or done but I do respect them. In turn I have been given respect. I have had the managers come to me and ask me questions when there is a problem and have been told they respect my opinion and honesty. I have seen many times where an associate will back talk or just show a total lack of respect for the manager, they should not expect to be treated well when they do. It is true that if you are liked and do your job well you will get more hours. If you slack or backtalk to the managers it will show on your schedule.

Benefits. I think Kohls has a great benefit package for those who are elegible for it, for part-time though the benefits are not good.

Job security. I think it is extemely hard to get fired from the Kohls I work for. I do agree with others that they won't fire you but if they want to get rid of you they just won't schedule you. I feel pretty secure with my job.

Work/Life balance. Working nights has been very good for me. One of the reasons I did overnights was so I could be available for my family during the day. My children would be at school so I would sleep when they were gone and I was able to be there during the day if I had to be, even though I was tired. I think it is very easy to request time off. We just go in and request time off with no questions asked. The only time they would refuse was if it was Christmas season and even then I have seen people get off for a special request. I would not want to work the regular hours.

Career Potential/Growth. I think the potential for growth is there if you want it. I have been asked several times if I would like to become a lead and I turn it down because I simply do not want the responsibility of that. I believe I could be an area supervisor by now if I had wanted to train for it.

Location. The location of my store is perfect for me. It is also good for our customers where it is located. Easy access in and out.

Co-worker Competence. Well like any place you have those who will be good workers and those who aren't. I think we have a good overnight team that works well together for the most part.

Work Environment. I do think the work environment can become stressful and hostile at times. This is my 7th Christmas season and it is always stressful now. I know what to expect and can let it roll off my back, however, if I was the supervisor I am sure it would be even more stressful. I believe that my overall view of working at Kohls is different than a lot of others simply because I work overnight. We have two great overnight supervisors that make it easy to work under them. If I had to work during the day when the management was there I think I would have a totally different opinion of working there. I like and get along wtih all 4 of our managers but I could not work with some of them on a day to day basis.

I hear comments from the associates who work during the day and it just does not seem like a pleasant place for them. I have seen some of the women in tears because of the things said to them from the manager. I would not work there if that happened to me. They work on a bare bones crew and do have to do a lot, but I do see plenty of associates standing around doing nothing. It goes back to having good workers and not good workers.

I plan to be at Kohls for quite awhile longer.
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