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From Alabama — 07/05/2009

PAY- I personally find the pay pretty descent. It is more then what most retail stores pay. I started from 7.50$ and now I get 10.75 however took me 3 years to get it. I would have move up sooner but it was partly my fault that I didn't so I can't really say much. As for pay raise they are slim however your lucky you even get a raise. I worked at a company where they don't even give raises! I think if you agree to get paid that amount then you have nothing to complain about!

Yearly Salary- I think I made about 10,000 last year however with my new position I should make a bit more.

Respect- I think this varies from store to store. This is going to be different in every store. All stores have different management and staff. At my stores the staff is totally awesome. I get along with just about everyone there. I'm a people person so people like me and I don't judge. As for management I think we have a pretty good team. I get along with all of them. The managers love me but I have also been there for 3 years. I couldn't ask for a better management team!

Benefits- I personally don't have benefits at this time however I hear they are awesome. Very few retailers offer part time benefits so i think this is a plus for Kohl's.

Job Sercurity- Our job sercurity is decent. Your not gonna catch every single shop lifeter that comes in the store. I think our lp is pretty good in catching the theives.

Work/Life Balance- I like to work so it doesn't bother me that I work a lot. However if I need a off day all I have to do is request it. I don't have much of an outside life besides my daughter. I dunno Kohl's doesn't really affect my life.

Career Potential/Growth- Since my career is fashion design then there could be growth. However I don't know if I will go that far.

Location- I think our location is good. It is right near a movie theatre and lot's of food places. There are retail stores next to us. The best part is that there is no mall near us. We have everything that the retailers at the mall have. Some people dont like going to mall's so they just come to us since it is closer to them.

Co-worker competence- I love my co-workers and they love me. We are one big happy family. The one's that have been there since we have open are my friends. We get along great.

Work Environment- I started as a sales employee. Once I started to learn other things I did other task. It is good to learn everything because that will get you hours. I am now the supervisor for the JR dept. and I love it. Although it can be a hard at times I enjoy my job and I do what I can do. I have been in retail for almost 10 years and I plan to make it a career. I think Kohl's can be a good place to work for. Retail is not for everyone and if you don't like it then don't do it. I think kohl's has their pro's and con's. However like I said it is based on management of how great it is to work there. I agree that some people get away with murder but well that is anywhere you go. For the most part though I enjoy working at kohl's.
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